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Ditch the sugar: How to enjoy a healthy Halloween

When I was eight years old, I was sick with the flu on Halloween night, hardly fit to hit the neighborhood up for candy. So, my brother offered to go Trick-or-Treating for me. What a guy. He left the house … Continue reading

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How getting sick restored the value of rest in my life

In June, I was sick, very sick. At times the burning pain in my stomach was so intense that I could do little more than curl up on the couch and nibble on saltine crackers. Vomiting helped. “You’ve got H. … Continue reading

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Life with a flip phone in the 21st century

My niece Tina, a senior in high school, realized she was addicted to social media. To break the habit, she began by trading her iPhone for a “slower, dumber flip phone.” After a few months, she wrote about her experiences … Continue reading

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