Mara and the blue marble

There’s a special patch of sand called Glass Beach on the east side of Kodiak Island, Alaska where hundreds, if not thousands, of colorful bits of glass temporarily rest among pebbles and shreds of kelp. Whenever I visit Glass Beach I carry a Ziploc bag in my coat pocket to hold my finds. Best of all, I enjoy walking the beach, just above the tideline, in search of wave-polished shards of blue, green, brown or red glass. It’s a slow, meandering meditation–a focused, but calming treasure hunt.

On this day, I was thinking of my sister Mara, who lives north of Seattle, Washington. She loves to search for beach glass too, and whenever I visit, we go for beach walks together. We don’t say much, just look for those special bits of rainbows in the sand.

I knew Mara had recently gone through some tough times. I prayed, “Dear Father, in my search today, please let me find something special for my sister.” I sent my request ‘out there’ and surrendered, unattached, to the outcome.

A few minutes passed and I reached the end of the beach where a rock wall rises out of the sand to meet a tree-topped cliff. As I turned around to head in the other direction a little voice said, “Stop. Look out toward the waves.”

Prayer, faith, beach glass, ocean, gift, meditation, God, Father, Kodiak, Alaska

I did so, and to my amazement, a small, blue marble, nudged along by a wave, rolled toward me on the sand and stopped to rest right at my feet. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Indeed, “With God all things are possible.” [Mark 10:27] but that day I also learned that He has a sense of humor.

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22 Responses to Mara and the blue marble

  1. Helen Williams says:

    Thank you for sharing a beautiful moment-

  2. Diana Thompson says:

    Hi Marion,
    Thank you so much for sharing your blue marble story. Amazing what love and faith brings us.

  3. Deb Houlden-Engvall says:

    Thank you for sharing – what a wonderful reminder to pause, be mindful, to listen, and look. We often find inspiration and answers when we least expect it . . . like blue marbles rolling up on the beach

    • marionowen says:

      “We often find inspiration and answers when we least expect it,” and in ways that we don’t expect, like a seemingly random comment or a billboard. We just have to be receptive. I’m working on it… working on it.

  4. luanne43 says:

    I teared up with this read Marion! God is good! Wonderful story. I too am a “beach glass comber”!

  5. Gilman, Janice says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

    “With God all things are possible.” [Mark 10:27] but that day I also learned that He has a sense of humor.

    Yes they are and YES He does!!
    Janice Gilman
    Residential Sales
    Spenard Builders Supply
    907-261-9212 Office
    907-261-9140 Fax
    “Your life will always be filled with challenges.
    It’s best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway.”

    Nicholas LaBlanca

  6. Pat lods says:

    Marion, your blue marble could very y well have been a stopper for one of those antique bottles. They had a narrow neck and a bulge on top of that with a ball in itside the bulge. When upright the marble sat on the neck. When tipped over the marble moved into the bulge and one could get the liquid out of the bottle. A very special gift indeed for your sister.

    • marionowen says:

      Wow, Pat, I didn’t think about the stopper in the bottle. My sister was pleasantly surprised with the blue marble. She added it to her extensive beach glass collection which she keeps in a LARGE wooden bowl.

  7. Daryle in VT says:

    Hi Marion,
    The current issue of “Mary Jane’s Farm” has an article about interesting words … one of which begins with “L”.

  8. Ginny Shank says:

    I am also a beach glass searcher and enjoyed your experience finding the blue marble for your sister. My sister also lives in Washington state and I often wish she could join me here in my beach walks. She and I lead very different lives…hers is go go go, mine is more laid back.

  9. Melissa says:

    Marion – Sweet story! Nice when the small prayer gets answered. Thanks for sharing, you made my day. Melissa.

  10. marionowen says:

    Thank you, too, Melissa for sharing your piece of the story, so to speak. Cheers to you!

  11. tremaine2015 says:

    Marion, thanks so much for this wonderful story. I have an email list of 450 gardeners and I will forward it to them. I have a bowl of the sea glass from Kodiak when we visited there in 2004. It was such a great adventure picking up the glass on the beach. We also had a dinner cruise and visited your garden.

    I am sorry I missed your talk at the Master Garden conference this year, but I was tending to my mother in Alabama, where we are moving this summer or fall since my mother passed away. I always enjoy your emails and need to check the posts more often. I enjoyed reading about how you changed your diet after your husband had his medical problems. We changed ours about 20 years ago when Les had rheumatoid arthritis and it went away with diet and supplements. Blessings, Pat Tremaine in Palmer

    • marionowen says:

      Pat, I really missed seeing you at the conference in April. You are such an “upper” to be around. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Let me know where you end up in Alabama. We have friends and family in the Huntsville area. I’d be happy to do a slide show on garden photography or whatever to groups. How did you change YOUR diets? Love to you… and feel free to share any of my posts or link to my blog. If it will make anyone’s day brighter or better, it’s worth it.

  12. Eva Cohnen-Brown says:

    This is one of your best entries, yet, dear Marion…precious. Thank you for sharing : )

    • marionowen says:

      Thank you Miss Eva! I’m going through some counseling these days and thinking that some of my insights and experiences might be helpful to others. Blessings to you always. Love, Marion

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