Marion’s 2018 Wall Calendar

Good news: Calendars don’t have to be boring.

So why do I spend a three weeks each year creating a wall calendar? Because I hope that something is the calendar makes you smile, makes you feel better about life, yourself.

So, it is my pleasure to create this 28-page wall calendar. Each month is a collection of inspiring images and quotes, unique recipes, playful holidays, riddles and word games. Printed in the USA. I even include a FREE cut-out post card (when the printer saw this, he said, “That’s really cool!)

Customers tell me, “I love to read it cover to cover!”

The best thing about my calendars? You can, with complete confidence, hang it anywhere: Your home, RV, sauna, or office.

And you know what? It’s a lovely gift that encourages happiness.

These calendars are printed in the USA and yes, you’ll want to hang in your kitchen, office, cabin, or RV. It’s the best ever for bathroom reading material.

To purchase a calendar for yourself, please visit my MarionOwenPhotography website.

calendar, bears, Kodiak, Alaska, photographs, nature, scenics, 2018, wall calendar, Marion Owen, photography, recipes, quotations




4 Responses to Marion’s 2018 Wall Calendar

  1. kodiak tents says:

    hello Marion, what a cool bear chilling out in a natural outdoor Jacuzzi ! 🙂 is the name of the calendar related to Kodiak island from Alaska?

    • marionowen says:

      That is the very same, yes, Kodiak Island, Alaska. My home and favorite place to photograph. We operate gourmet dinner cruises and wildlife tours from our boat, and have a year-round B&B. The calendar is a compilation of photos, recipes, garden tips, photo tips and lots more. A work of love.

  2. We did a cruise up to Alaska but I don’t think I have been to Kodiak Island. Seems like a cool place.

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