Just for the joy of it

This post is short ‘n sweet. I have 5 minutes before heading down to the harbor to lead a wildlife viewing trip on our boat. My summers are pretty crazy: Co-running a B&B, cooking for our dinner cruises, leading photography workshops…

Here’s a little background behind the photo below: I picked some flowers and herbs the other day and arranged them in a set of colorful glass vases (an “apology” gift from a visiting friend who stained some white towels by using them to wipe mascara and makeup off her face).

vases, flowers, sage, grasses, glass, beauty, photograph, still life

Arrangements of grasses, calendula, cabbage, cosmos, edible marigolds and sage.

The light reflecting off the ocean in front of the house was brilliant, bright and warm, so before distributing the vases in the B&B rooms and bathrooms, I perched the vases on top of our TV box. Set up tripod, camera. Click, click, click. Yeah.

So if you need a lift, a smile, a little sparkle to brighten your day, I hope you enjoy the photo. Just for the joy of it.

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12 Responses to Just for the joy of it

  1. Kathleen Pearson says:


  2. Carolyn C. says:

    Dear Marion, This picture is sooooooo beautiful. I just love it and wish I could reproduce it. 🙂 You are amazing…so busy and creative. Thanks for sharing! Take care,

    Carolyn Clark http://www.youngliving.com

    Please note: message attached

    • marionowen says:

      Hi Carolyn, thanks for your lovely comments. My images are available as prints, canvas prints and self-hanging prints (no nails!). If there is a size you are interested in, let me know. We can converse by email: my garden@alaska.net.

  3. Liz Whiteland says:

    I read your post, and looked at the beautiful flowers, and that was a really good start to my day, thank you. You appear to be a lovely, very caring about wild life, and also a very busy lady, it is a pleasure to meet you, and send you my post.

  4. Jean says:

    this is so beautiful and I opened the email just as the sun is streaming onto the breakfast table here, a rare enough thing in Scotland! You have inspired me to find all my glass vases and pick some flowers for the house – thank you Marion x

  5. Cindy says:

    Thank you! Always enjoy your posts no matter how short.

  6. What a beautiful composition and a wonderful palette for a painting.

  7. Rebecca Dare says:


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