Light bulb moments: Photography tools and whale tails

I’m not a gadget gal, but when I find a great tool (one that improves, not complicates my life) I like to share with others. So during a photography workshop I recently lead  for Natural Habitat Adventures, I handed my Hoodman HoodLoupe to one of the participants who was squinting (and groaning) at the display on the back of his camera.

“Here, try this, Bill.”

He placed the viewer against the screen, and smiled.

The Hoodman Loupe blocks out distracting ambient light hitting the LCD screen on your camera (I’m talking 35mm cameras as well as smart phones and point ‘n shoots) so you can preview your images for exposure and focus accuracy.

Thing is, I wear the Hoodman around my neck so often, my husband is going to think it’s a piece of jewelry!

Hoodman loupe, photography, workshop, Kodiak, Alaska, photo, whales, camera, tool, pond, lilies

“Wow, this is great! I can see so clearly!” Bill Gordon is excited. He’s peering through a Hoodman loupe to double check the images he took of pond lilies, whales, sea otters and lupine during a photography workshop I lead out of Kodiak, Alaska.

Earlier that morning, we came across this humpback whale feeding right offshore. We’ve seen her on several other occasions, with a young whale alongside. The workshop photographers grabbed their cameras. As you can see though, the right side of the tail has been damaged by a propeller or an orca or ____? We plan to share this photo with our local marine mammal biologist. Stay tuned.

whale, humpback, Alaska, Kodiak, Kodiak Island, photograph workshop, boat

Ouch! Severed tail of a humpback whale. What happened, we don’t know, but hopefully the salt water is healing.

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