Celebrating salmon, ice and spring to come

If you live in California, winter’s passing is more of a transition. In Alaska, keeping tabs on day length is a statewide sporting event. As a gardener, I watch these things, even to the point of knowing The Day when our day length marches past 10 hours, the life-switch that triggers plants to start to growing again. At latitude 58 degrees north, it’s February 22. (To see a daylight/darkness table for anywhere in the world, click here). Day length influences everything from the reproductive cycles of red crossbills and a salmon’s return to the rivers, to the moment a harbor is free of ice and hey, our moods over the course of a day. I took this photo as a celebration of spring to come…

Kodiak, Alaska, harbor, snow, ice, boat, anchor, mountain, fishing, salmon, winter

Winter sunlight bounces off ice paddies in Saint Herman Harbor, in Kodiak, Alaska.

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13 Responses to Celebrating salmon, ice and spring to come

  1. Ron Padgett says:

    Beautiful Photo Marion!!

  2. rich968 says:

    What a beautiful photo of a beautiful harbor! You have an excellent eye and produce masterful images. Thanks for sharing this striking scene!

  3. Velda says:

    The harbor picture is spectacular. Great job Marion. Stay warm and dream of green gardens to come.

  4. Carol Hult says:

    Marion, I think looking at this photograph on a winter day would do more good than sitting by a full-spectrum lamp. It is so beautiful.

  5. Steve says:

    Marion, timing is everything. Of course you have to be at the right spot and you were, just fantastic!

    • marionowen says:

      Thanks for your comment, Steve. Now we’re gaining almost 5 minutes a day. More celebrations with the camera and in the garden. Cheers from Kodiak, Alaska!

      • Steve says:

        Since I am new here allow me to introduce myself. I know I am going to enjoy hearing and seeing about your two passions, photography and gardening. My wife and I took a cruise, starting in Alaska and going to Vancouver in 2007. Of course this was in September of 2007, have no idea what winter is like up there for you, I live in California. Celebrate with camera and working in the dirt.

  6. Jessie says:

    Marion, I have loved this photo from the moment I first laid eyes on it. Is there perhaps a way that I can buy a print of it, or else purchase a digital copy of it? I would love to display it in my home. Your work is so unique and breathtaking!

  7. trishgreg says:

    Beautiful scene, Marion. Are those boats there for the entire winter, or can they get out? I’ve read where the ice packs in the boats, and wonder if they’re stranded until late spring or summer.

  8. marionowen says:

    The boat harbors never (knock on wood) get frozen in, which makes Kodiak a very attractive, year round place for vessels, be it Deadliest Catch boats or sailboats and yachts traveling around the world.

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